Our Faith

We are a Christian company and believe that this world, troubled as it is by fear, loneliness, violence, greed and hatred, can only be changed as people discover for themselves the life of God through a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. This new life in Christ provides love, truth, justice, freedom, gentleness, joy and peace. Jesus promises this new life to each believer. It is possible to know the reality of it now, don’t dismiss it as idealism or a pipe-dream. God is King. He is all powerful, the world is under His control, and He will bring it to a perfect conclusion. God is not remote; like a father He shares the pain, need, joy and hope of each individual.

Jesus through His life, death and resurrection, attacked and overcame the evil within the world, making it possible for everyone to be released from the grip of evil and to begin to experience this new life.

We must choose. We can go on doing our best and hoping for better things or we can thank God for what Jesus has done, renounce our past, and receive by faith the gift of new life from Jesus, who said; “I am the way, the truth and the LIFE”.

We have chosen. We have found Jesus gives new eternal LIFE. This is the GOOD NEWS we believe at the GOOD NEWS CENTRE. We’d love you to find Him too – if you want to know more, please come along and ask.